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News e eventi

New look, the same delicious taste

 11 October 2018

A new look for our new single portion ready to eat dishes, branded Bontà di Stagione, with the purpose of make them recognisable, to strengthen brand awareness and fidelity.

Our brand identity doesn’t change. We believe the search of more personalization of every single recipe through colours, will help to identify them, enhancing the recognisability of the products on the shelves and to improve customer loyalty.

In this renewing process, started with the past edition of Cibus 2018 and with the restyling of summer single portion dishes, of Armonie di Cereali, our IV range julienne salads “Briose” and the new organic line (IV and V range products), October is going to be the ending of this changing project.

Since the seasonal switch, even the fall/winter dishes will change the dress.

New look, the same delicious taste, it’s a great slogan because it show in a  few words our company policy that contributed in all these years to our success: the will of renovation and the proposition to find always new solutions, taking care to quality and taste of our product, to the naturalness of the raw materials and to the best service for our customers.

Advertising plan

Matching this new restyling, particularly for the winter line, there’s a new communication campaign starting in October. It will involve the major B2B newspapers and online magazines, a clear sign for the company to go on with the investiments on its own brand.