Our values

Our values

From unwashed to washed vegetables, ready-to- eat products and hot soups, the whole Euroverde’s range is the result of a high quality process.


Our quality team, with the agronomic staff, do frequent controls to guarantee food safety, quality and hygienic standards, thanks not only to certified centers, but also to the tests made by our internal labs and the monitoring activities during the whole working process.


One of our most important values is the food seasonality. Respecting it means to eat healthy, tasty and local. To choose fresh vegetables gathered on the basis of their own natural ripening means the highest nutritional quality and a unique taste.


We prepare all our products inside our establishment using only fresh Italian vegetables.


During our production process, we add value to the seasonal range following the natural cycle of first materials.


Our production chain marks the productive process of every single first material, by guarantying the maximum quality.


We protect the national estate by proposing only 100% Italian first materials.


We propose a gastronomic culture, by following the tradition with a pinch of creativity.


We use renewable sources to reinforce our production line, by using photovoltaic panels.


All the cold chain transports and productions are made in temperature-controlled conditions.