Our strenght

Our strenght

Euroverde is based on Tradition and innovation: new technologies and techniques, positive attitude towards change and traditional passion for the agriculture. Our secret is to be able to connect the family tradition with new food production technologies offering the best service and the best quality for our customers.

Euroverde has a 9000mq new production system that transforms fresh vegetables and realizes agricultural products in a fast and efficient way, in accordance with the high quality and safety standards. In order to preserve our production system, we use renewable sources for the production of clean energy through a 300Kw photovoltaic plant.


Our production system is based on attention and passion for first materials in order to obtain the best quality ever. To do that we realize rigorous checks and maximum hygiene, and some manual operations are useful to complete the working process.


We constantly invest in the technology growth and new production and innovation strategies, based on the industrial and agricultural process, with attention also to the logistics area in order to guarantee safety and traceability for any product. We supervise and control every production phases in line with the cold chain, the heart of the product’s conservation.

5.000 mq


to maintain a rigid cold chain from the first material to the finished product


checks a year

Two optical viewfinders designated to check fresh vegetables and to remove possible contaminants


linee lavaggio

to offer appropriate hygienic safety for ready-to- eat products


packaging machines

to wrap safely ready-to- eat salads in every packing required


packaging lines

for washed vegetables and ready -to- eat products


loading-unloading platform

for the unloading of fresh vegetables and for the loading of finished products